Qualification ID:119554
Duration:50 hours
NQF Level:2
NQF Credits5
Recognition of prior learningYes
Entry requirements:Communication NQF Level 1
Mathematical Literacy NQF level 1
Purpose:In order for me to perform effectively in the field of environmental science, environmental management and waste management, the learner will be able to:
* Identify components of the environment and describe their interrelationships.
* Use appropriate terminology when speaking about environmental issues.
* Recognize the impacts of events and human activities on the environment.
* Gather information related to environmental impacts.
* Use an environment tool to assess impact.
* Record and report results.
* Understand components of the environment and their interrelationships.
* Understand terminology related to the environment and environmental issues.
* Understand the effects of various human activities on the environment.
* Understand principles and concepts related to using tools to assess environmental impacts (a basic level of understanding is required).