The Occupational Health and Safety Act, place a legal requirement on employers to educate/train their employees in the following:

  • First Aid – Where you have more than 10 employees, there must be a qualified first aider available to treat people in emergency situations. The training must be provided by a approved training provider (General Safety Regulations 3). Treinamento CC is an approved training provider, registered with DEL and accredited by HWSETA. Treinamento CC provide training for First Aid Level 1, 2 and 3. More information.
  • Health and Safety Representative – Where you have more than 20 employees in the workplace your are legally required to appoint a fulltime health and safety representative. This person will be nominated and elected by the employees. This person must be trained to fulfill this position. (Section 17 of the OHS Act). Treinamento CC provide health and safety representative training that is aligned with SAQA US 259622. More information
  • Firefighting – Fire emergencies can occur at any time under any condition. It is therefore important to have employees in the workplace that have the knowledge on the operation of firefighting equipment. Treinamento CC provide basic firefighting training aligned with the SAQA US 13961. More information

For availability of the courses please see our training dates.