Are you complaint in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act?

You have a legal duty in terms of Section 8 of the Occuaptional Health and Safety Act, 85 0f 1993 to ensure that the workplace your business creates must be safe for evryone entering it.  Thus you will need to have an health and safety system in place that is complaint with the legislation…Where do you start?

Should you call a professional and pay thousands?

Or should you attempt this mammoth task yourself?

Fear not… From today you can successfully perform internal audits that meets all the requirements of the OHS Act perfectly.

But first, did you know…

There are over 100 health and safety questions you need to ask to measure your compliance of your health and safety system.

It would take you days just to analyze and formulate the questions that you need to ask when doing your internal audit.

In todays world, time is money.  Do you have the time and the expertise?

Let us introduce you to the AuditSmart Auditor Kit

The AuditSmart kit gives you everything you need to check if you’re complying with the Health and Safety Act, and its Regulations

It’s an audit programme you can use to check your Occupational Health and Safety Systems and see if your system complies with the OHS Act.

Now you can really do your own internal audit. All in a matter of minutes!

It’s compliance in a box – use the AuditSmart programme and follow these steps:

  • Open your Excel programme
  • Open the worksheet of the relevant legislation
  • Answer the questions, by answering “yes” for complying and “no” for not complying by the click of a mouse.

The program does the rest for you. It automatically generates your compliance report. So, you can quickly assess your compliance level.

And if you’re not convinced it’s just that simple, here’s a whole bunch of more reasons why you need to order your AuditSmart today:

  • You can ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993;
  • Easy to use on any computer, even on a smart device such as a tablet or smartphone;
  • You only need Excel to use the programme;
  • Easy to answer questions to assess your compliance;
  • It will give you a detailed report showing where you are and aren’t complaint;
  • It’s a complete compliance solution – so you won’t need anything else;
  • It’s quick and easy to do.  You will be able to complete your internal audit within a day;
  • All worksheets can be printed; and
  • Written reports can be made by the auditor to give a clear explanation of the non-compliance.

Click on the button below to order your copy of AuditSmart today,

for only R 999.00*!


Stop paying a consultant over R 10 000 to do your internal audits for you.  Not only is it expensive, but he’ll end up asking you countless questions; and you searching through all your files; and you’ll wait for days for your report.

Why go through all that hassle when you can simply do it yourself?

And get your compliance report within minutes.

See how easy it works by watching this video

* This amount excludes the courier cost. an additional fee of R 120 will be added for courier costs