Treinamento CC has developed a auditing package where you can test your own legal compliance in ters of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations.


The package in designed in Microsfot Excel format.  Easy to use – All you have to do is to answer yes or no and the spreadsheet will calculate your level of compliance and report back to you in the form of a graph.


Save you time and money by doing your in-house audits yourself.


Cost: R 1999-00

Small or large business change over time and so re the health and safety systems that are in place, thus is it important that audits are carried out on a regular basis. Audits will ensure the continued welfare, health and safety of employees within your organization.  An audit carried out systematically will find specific areas in which improvements need to be made for the benefit of your business and your employees, and help you as employer to comply with legal duties and promote wellbeing.



What is a health and safety audit?


A health and safety audit is a methodical, independent and documented assessment of a business’ system and processes, in which it is measured against regulated criteria to make sure health and safety standards are being upheld. 

What are the aims of an audit?

Though businesses differ in size and the industries in which they operate – for example, a warehouse will have different regulations to an office – an audit will in general look to assess the following factors:

·         The strengths and weaknesses of the current system

·         How the system performs within the aims of the organization

·         If the company is fulfilling its legal obligations within its industry

·         If a proper performance reviewing system is in place

Why is an audit important?

Once you have health and safety procedures in place, there may be the temptation to think that you have done all you need to and that your business is set for the future. However, an audit is important and essential because it will help to:

·         Reduce the risk of personal traumas or injury of employees and other people affected by your organization

·         Prevent losses of material, income, machinery and buildings

·         Promote employee morale within your work environment

   ·           Ensure your customers’ confidence in your    organization

What are the benefits of a health and safety audit?

Identify problems: You can’t be anywhere in your business and there are always problems lurking behind the scenes, which can lead to accidents and other negative consequences for your business. The sooner these problems are identified and addressed, the better prepared your business will be for reducing or management of these problems.

Credentials: If you are bidding for contracts or new business, you will find that the majority of companies expect you to have proper health and safety procedures in place. Having a good reputation in terms of health and safety will benefit business goals.

Save money: A health and safety audit provides a calculated analysis of procedures and provides fact-based changes to be implemented. This will save you from wasting money on what may be little more than second guesses about procedures and benefit areas such as employee sick leave.

Law abiding: There are different regulations and laws in place to ensure safety within different industries. If you are not abiding by these laws, it can lead to your business getting in trouble with the Department of Labour or possibly being shut down. Being in the know that you have the proper regulations in place and eliminating the risk of injury in the workplace will ultimately benefit you and your employees.