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Who Has Time to Decipher Health and Safety Laws?


Avoid costly health and safety incidents, accidents and inspection with your own personal health and safety advisor, available anywhere, anytime.


Together with our panel of health and safety experts, we at Treinamento would like to show you how to say goodbye to your health and safety headaches, once and for all. We’ve spent over 15 years advising companies and individuals on all aspects of health and safety.


We’ll show you how to make the law work for you and your business… and give you all those lesser-known tips and secrets about how to use health and safety laws to your advantage…


Health and Safety Experts at your fingertips!


The Ultimate Health and Safety Advisor, developed and published by Treinamento CC, is a hands-on health and safety guide, available on your Android smart phone, written in layman’s terms to help you protect your business and stay on the right side of the law.


How will the Ultimate Health & Safety Advisor help you?


What difference is this service going to make to your everyday relations with your staff?


·         You’ll have access to a huge variety of topics, policies and contracts and inspection forms to save you the trouble of writing and developing your own from scratch.


·         It’s like having your own personal health and safety consultant anytime, anywhere.


·         You’ll always be 100% up-to-date with important changes in legislation and industry practices.  Your Android smartphone will update your Ultimate Health and Safety Advisor for you, saving you time, keeping you updated.


·         You’ll have a panel of consultants and specialists in your pocket 24/7.


·         You’ll be guided every step of the way through procedures by following our comprehensive instructions and numerous checklists.




What is the cost involved with the Ultimate Health and Safety Advisor?


For only R 59-00 per month you will have full access to this must have service.




How do I get this service on my Android smartphone?


Simply visit the Google Play Store on your device. Search for the Ultimate Health and Safety Advisor. Download and install the application. Register on the application by following the registration link.




So, why wait, let the experts help you to avoid huge penalties and implement health and safety 100% correctly and easily in your company.